Exploring Web Design

When you write your content for your web design pages, use strong and attractive headlines. If your headline stands out right, it can be the difference in someone stopping at your site or not stopping. The contrast is so different that it draws people’s attention. Then once the eye is caught, then the mind needs to be held there. You need to keep the reader’s interest and lead them the where the place where ‘they want to go’ and ‘where you want them to go’, which should be the same place. 

Good web design will let the reader know ‘what they can do’. It should lead them to take action and be helpful to their quest. Be aware of the ‘tone’ of your page. It should be in relation to the goal of your site. And understand that you’ll have to work at keeping the reader’s attention, you won’t have it automatically. Using informal language can go a long way to giving your reader a feeling of trust. Talk to them as you would a friend. Be warm in your phrasing. Never be pushy about selling or anything else for that matter. 

Good web design takes into account the ‘usability’ of the site. This means that the actions that your visitor takes are done effortlessly. The users should be able to simply glide from where they are to where they want to go. It should flow with a steady rhythm, not a jerky back and forth hunt for information. The less stalling and stopping, the more likely you and your user will have a good result from the experience. Web design should provide that ‘flow’. 

Colors play a huge part in web design. The effect of colors on the mind are phenomenal. Color will help you to set the tone of what your site is trying to say. And it will engage your target audience and provide them with a feeling of getting what they’re looking for. It will compel them to stay on your site. First impressions can be most important to a good web site. So don’t disappoint your new visitors with colors that don’t reflect the real tone and meaning for your site. 

Whenever you’re exploring web design, you’ll learn that there’s more to catching people’s eye than just flashy animations and pretty colors. It’s an art-form. It has salesmanship as well as technicality. You should make your content stand out from your background. This is achieved with color. But the colors should also compliment one another, even though the separation is well seen. There are many tricks to learn when you begin to study web design, and you can learn them if you put in the time and effort. There are many sites that will teach you and programs you can get into online that will help you on your way. 

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